Installing the Foxling Compiler

Foxling is a custom compiler built on top of LLVM and Clang to provide implicit cooperative scheduling. It is used in conjunction with Fox’s Cooperative Thread Scheduler to make parallel code more deterministic.


Currently, Foxling must be compiled from source or downloaded as a pre-built binary. See issue.

Installing a Prebuilt Binary


Compiling from Source

Open Fox.xcworkspace and build the Foxling Compiler scheme. By default, Foxling will automatically download a prebuilt clang snapshot for use. After building that scheme, just restart Xcode for the plugin to be installed.

If you prefer to manually download and build clang from source, run Foxling/LLVM/ within the Foxling/LLVM directory, which follows the directs outlined on LLVM’s site. Afterwards, build the Foxling Compiler scheme. The target will use clang pulled from source instead of downloading and using the precompiled version.